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Precisive 5

Precisive has announced the Precisive 5 gas analyzer which requires no carrier-gases, no-calibration gases and offers fast-response analytics without compromising accuracy, repeatability, linearity or stability in the presence of interferences. Learn more about the Precisive 5.


Fast-Response, High-Accuracy Heating Value and Wobbe Index Analyzer


"Effect Of Shale Plays On U.S. Natural Gas Composition"

Precisive is the established world leader for optical, real-time hydrocarbon gas analysis in natural gas and hydrocarbon processing industries. Precisive’s Tunable Filter Spectrometer (TFS) is the most widely deployed analyzers and sensors to-date with more than 250 years of cumulative run-time. Precisive is a privately held corporation headquartered just outside of Boston MA, USA.

Our sensors are deployed across various natural gas based industries which include NG/LNG/LPG refinery plants, hydrocarbon processing plants, gas-to-power machines (gas turbine, fuel cell, internal combustion), biogas processes and fuel gas transportation and metering.

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